Sport fishing

A day of sport fishing is a unique way to discover the North sea. Board De Mercuur to spend the whole day fishing with your colleagues, friends or family. You can take your catch home with you! Book your spot on De Mercuur by clicking on the button below.

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Mackerel fishing

From the beginning of June until the end of September, you are more than welcome to join us at Mercuur Sport Fishing to fish for mackerel. The ship sails from the port of Den Helder every day. Our captain will set off in search for schools of mackerel, allowing you to catch lots of fish.
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All-in-mercuur package

Opt for great value with the All-in wreck fishing or mackerel fishing package and enjoy a range of snacks and drinks while fishing. On top of that, you will receive a sturdy fishing rod that you can fish with all day long.
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Sport fishing in the north sea with mercuur sport fishing

A day of sport fishing is a unique way to discover the North sea. Spend the entire day fishing in the North Sea with colleagues, friends or family and take your catch back home with you.

  • Ideal as a company outing or family day
  • Take your freshly caught mackerel or cod back home with you
  • Sport fishing with an experienced crew
  • Fishing equipment available
  • Please note! * We do not accept card payments on board *

Sail 2020

From 12 to 16 August 2020, the most beautiful event on the water will take place again.

With over 600 national and international Tall Ships, SAIL has become the largest nautical event in Europe! Just like in 2010 and 2015, the Mercuur also sails. Do you want to sail with your company? Then contact us.

A day of sport fishing

Experienced sport fishers will find maximum fishing time aboard De Mercuur. When the weather is good, we set sail for rich fishing areas every day, fishing for mackerel or cod, depending on the season. In addition to fishing, you can also enjoy a bite and a drink on our modern ship.

Sport fishing package deals

Our experienced crew will take you to the best fishing spots. You can fish in the entire North Sea. We offer various sport fishing package deals for entire groups and for individual fishers.

Individual sport fishing

Individuals or small groups of friends are more than welcome to join us for a day of fishing. For a small sum, you can enjoy a fun day of sport fishing along with other fanatic fishermen.

Sport fishing for groups

It is also possible to rent De Mercuur for groups, allowing you to spend a day out fishing with your preferred company. This is ideal for family days, company outings or bachelor parties.
See our rental prices for De Mercuur

Sport fishing for mackerel or cod

We go fishing for mackerel or cod, depending on the season.


You can go fishing for mackerel in the period from June to September. We will track large schools of mackerel with our fish finder, so that you are sure to catch a mackerel. Any mackerel you catch can be cleaned and filleted on board the ship. You can take home all the mackerel you catch.
Discover more about mackerel fishing.


We fish for cod from the beginning of October until the end of May. During this period, De Mercuur will set out for shipwrecks, where large groups of cod tend to hide. You can clean and fillet your catch right on De Mercuur, and you can take home all the cod you manage to catch.

Sport fishing from den helder

Your day of sport fishing always starts in Den Helder. Our home port has a rich fishing history, immediately putting you in the mood to get going. When you board De Mercuur, you will be welcomed by our experienced crew, who will introduce you to our large fishing boat and give you several tips about sport fishing.

Sport fishing off texel

Our crew can also set out for the Wadden island of Texel from the port of Den Helder, giving you a magnificent view of this beautiful Wadden island as you enjoy a day of fishing. You can combine sport fishing off Texel with a long wreck tour or a two-day trip. For more information about sport fishing off Texel, click here.

What do I need to go sport fishing?

Naturally, you need a good fishing rod to reel in delicious fish, including fish lead and a paternoster rig. It is no problem at all if you do not have your own. For only € 17, you can rent a rod, fully equipped with fishing lead and a paternoster rig, from us. You can also purchase fishing lead and paternosters separately on board.

We recommend that you bring a sharp filleting knife to clean the fish, but you can also purchase one on board. To show off your catch at home, make sure to bring a cooler.

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Delightful day of sport fishing aboard de mercuur

De Mercuur is a safe, stable ship on which you will have plenty of space to catch your rod. The ship is 40 metres long and 8 metres wide and features two sturdy fishing tables, so there is ample space to clean your catch. The ship meets all the requirements set by the shipping inspectorate and is therefore considered safe. When you are done fishing, you can sit back and relax in our pleasant canteen, where we prepare a range of tasty snacks in our modern galley.

Renting de mercuur

Would you prefer having De Mercuur  to yourself? You can. You and your friends, colleagues or family can rent the entire ship for a full day of fishing (only from Monday through Sunday) Our rental prices are:

Mackerel fishing

  • Monday through Thursday: € 1.800
  • Friday: € 1.900

Cod fishing

  • Monday through Thursday: € 1.800
  • Friday: € 1.900

Of course, a day on De Mercuur would not feel complete without a delicious BBQ. For only € 25,00 you can enjoy:

  • 4 meats
  • 2 salads
  • Herb butter baguette
  • Various sauces

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