Mackerel fishing

You are more than welcome to join us at Mercuur Sport Fishing to fish for mackerel. We sail from the port of Den Helder every day. This year, we will be starting the season on Friday 1 June, continuing until the end of September. Our boat departs every day, provided there are enough passengers, at 8 am, returning to the port of Den Helder at approximately 4 pm. Our captain will track schools of mackerel with a special fish finder, giving you the chance to sit back, relax and fish for mackerel. The captain will then position the ship above the mackerel, so that you can catch all the mackerel you want. You can clean any mackerel you manage to catch on board and take it home with you.

  • Present: 07.15
  • Departure: 08.00
  • Arrival: ± 4 pm

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Our rates for mackerel fishing are as follows.


Day Price
Monday through Thursday € 1.500,-
Friday € 1.700,-
Extras Price
Boarding fee € 42,-
Complete rod rental € 15,-


Package deal Price
Package deal € 64,-

The all-in package includes: Boarding fee, full rod rental, 1 coffee, 3 x beer or soda, meatball sandwich and a ham or cheese sandwich.

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De Mercuur is a large fishing boat on which you will have plenty of space to fish for mackerel to your heart’s content. Thanks to the ship’s size, you are guaranteed a stable, safe environment for fishing. The ship is in excellent condition and is equipped with all modern conveniences.

Aided by state-of-the-art equipment, the skipper will easily track schools of mackerel, giving you the opportunity to reel in lots of mackerel. There is plenty of space on board to clean your newly caught mackerel. We also have flake ice on board, so your catch will be kept nice and cool.

You can sit back and relax below deck, where De Mercuur has its spacious canteen. Why not enjoy the modern galley, which serves up a range of delicious bites?


Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is an elongated fish with a large habitat. These fish grow up to 15 and 17 centimetres in length and can reach an age of up to 17 years old. Mackerel is a typical school fish that lives close to the surface and feeds on small ocean creatures, such as plankton, shrimp and small lobsters. Mackerel is a very popular and healthy food fish and a great source of vitamin B12.


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