Sea fishing company outing in North Holland

Going out sea fishing for a company outing is a perfect way to enjoy a day on the North Sea with your colleagues. De Mercuur can accommodate 72 people and sails from the port of Den Helder every day. Spending a day out sea fishing in North-Holland is guaranteed to freshen up and reinvigorate your body and mind.


  • Sea fishing from € 55 per person
  • Great team-building activity
  • Can accommodate groups of up to 72 colleagues
  • Fishing equipment rental
  • Comprehensive all-in package

To book a sea fishing company outing at Mercuur Sport Fishing, call us on +31 (0) 227 511 417 or submit the reservation form..


Sea fishing company outings at Mercuur Sport Fishing start at € 40 per person. Please refer to the table below for our prices:


Sea-fishing package deal Price p.p.
Company outing mackerel fishing € 64,-
Company outing mackerel fishing (All-in)* € 42,-
Company outing cod fishing € 42,-
Company outing cod fishing (All-in)* € 64,-
Company outing sea fishing long wreck tour € –,-
Company outing sea fishing long wreck tour (All-in)* € –,-

The All-in package consists of: Boarding fee, full rod rental, 1 coffee, 3 x beer or soda, meatball sandwich and a ham or cheese sandwich.

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It is possible to rent our entire ship, De Mercuur, for a day, allowing you and your colleagues to enjoy a day of sea fishing it utter peace & quiet. Click here for the prices.

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Sea fishing requires strong, seaworthy fishing rods. If you do not have your own rods, you can rent a rod and all the accessories you’ll need from Mercuur Sport Fishing. You can choose from a single rod, or a rod including paternoster, octopus and led for sport fishing.

Materiaal huren Prijs
Fishing rods € 10,-
Paternoster € 2,50
Octopus € 2,50
Lead € 2,50
Complete rod € 15,-


Every day, De Mercuur sails from the port of Den Helder to go sea fishing on the North Sea. When going on a company outing, you can choose from one of three activities:

Wreck fishing company outing

Wreck fishing is an exciting type of sea fishing. The captain sails onto the North Sea and anchors the ship somewhere above one of the many wreckages that dot the bed of the North Sea. The ship and aircraft wrecks are an ideal hiding place for cod, as they provide shelter and hold large quantities of food. Together with your colleagues, you can enjoy an exciting day of sea fishing on De Mercuur. Spend a day away from work, boosting your group dynamics in a relaxed environment. A sea fishing company outing will bring any team of colleagues closer together.

Duration of a wreck fishing company outing: from 08.00 am to 4.30 pm

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Company outing cod fishing

On the Mercuur, you can fish for cod from the beginning of October until the end of May. When you go on a cod fishing company outing, you will spend a day aboard De Mercuur, primarily fishing for this popular fish above wreckages. The cod you manage to catch can be cleaned on one of De Mercuur’s cleaning tables right away. Naturally, you can take your catch back home with you.

Duration of a cod fishing company outing: from 08.00 am to 4.30 pm
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Mackerel fishing company outing

You are welcome to join us at Mercuur Sport Fishing for a mackerel fishing company outing from the beginning of June until th end of September. De Mercuur is equipped with a special fish finder that tracks large schools of these elongated fish. After locating a school, the ship will manoeuvre right over the fish, giving you a very good chance of catching some. You can clean any fish you manage to catch yourself and bring them back home with you.

Duration of a cod fishing company outing: from 08.00 am to 4.00 pm

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Spending the day fishing at sea is guaranteed to stir up an appetite. That’s why you can also book special package deals including dinner at Mercuur Sport Fishing.

Captain’s Dinner € 15 per person

Marrowfat peas with bacon, fried onion rings, piccalilli, Amsterdam onions, fried bacon, gammon, apple sauce, salad.

Fighter’s Fried Rice € 12.50 per person

Fried rice, rice, acar, prawn crackers, meatballs in sauce, satay with peanut sauce, rendang daging.

BBQ package € 21.50

Hamburger, bbq sausage, 2 skewers of satay, bacon, herb butter baguette, var. sauces, 2 kinds of salad


De Mercuur is a large, sturdy ship that served as buoy tender in the 20th century. The ship is forty metres long and 8 metres wide, providing plenty of stability and safety even in heavy weather. Guests will have plenty of space on the deck of De Mercuur, and there is even room for two large fishing tables, on which the freshly caught fish can be cleaned immediately.

The ship was renovated in 1995, gaining a spacious canteen for fishermen to rest and regain their strength. The ship is also equipped with various modern technologies, including radar, GPS, a plotter and an echo sounder. De Mercuur has everything it needs to make your company outing at sea into a resounding success.


If you have any questions about our sea fishing company outings or would like to book a day of fishing, please feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)227 551 417 or go to the booking calendar.